Sunday, December 6, 2009

TeaSource Tea!

We are now proudly serving and selling TeaSource loose leaf teas!

Our salon team recently visited TeaSource's Northeast location to learn about all the different types of teas, their origins and tasting characteristics, and how to brew a perfect cup. We are happy to pass their dedication to the art of tea onto you!

TeaSource is at the forefront of bringing quality, delicious teas and tisanes to Minnesota, and we are proud to offer them in our salon. We brew different "house" tea every day and will gladly prepare a special cup for you. Currently the salon offers Breakfast Assam, Chai Spice Blend, Peaches & Cream Green, Rhubarb Oolong, Chamomile, and Chocolate Safari (a cocoa-infused red tea). All of our varieties are for sale, so make sure to pick up a lovely pouch of TeaSource loose leaf tea with your next hair product purchase!

Make sure to also visit TeaSource's website at

Happy tea sipping!

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