Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update from East 42nd!!!

We have alot of new and exciting things happening at East 42nd Street Salon!

Dread lock services are now being offered. If you need maintenance or want a full set of Dreads, or even just a few, Liz and Cayla are now our dread specialists.

Also, we are creating an event for the first Wednesday of every month for
new clients only. It's called Hair-U-Dare. it will run from 5-9 pm. We will be offering services at a discounted price. This is your chance to get to know the stylists and for them to get to know you. You will need to give them a little freedom on your hair.

Hair-U-Dare price list:
haircuts $25
all-over color: $40
foils: $55+ (depending on length and thickness of hair)

we are so excited!

We also want to start presenting artwork from local artists. a new artist will be featured every month. the work will hang in the salon all month long and the third week of that month their will be an art show for the public. if you have any art work that you would like to show, give us a call at (612) 729.4415 we would love to represent you!
Shine On

You may think that grey hair makes a woman look older than anything else, but according to a recent survey by ELLE Magazine, it’s actually dull, frizzy hair that communicates age. For the hair (curly or Straight) to appear shiny, shiny, shiny, the cuticle must be closed. That can be achieved with thermal finishing or wet sets. Also, well-conditioned strands tend to reflect more light because the formula “plugs up” the uneven cuticle layers in damaged strands. Another shine enhancer? Color glazing/glossing services used as stand-alones or to enhance a previous color application.